Awake And Beyond

Awake And Beyond
Its time we recognize that an individual's mental illness does not define them. Together, lets rise beyond the myths, educate ourselves and break free from the stigma associated with mental illness. Trijog celebrates the stories of seven brave individuals and their tryst with mental illness, in the hopes that their journey will educate, inspire and help people understand what living with a mental illness feels like.
Together, mental illness can be fought, conquered and overcome.

Our Challenge
Millions of Indians living with mental illness do not have access to treatment or adequate support from their families and society at large. They are misunderstood, misrepresented and mistreated.

Our Opportunity
Mental illness can happen to anyone. It can happen to our families, our friends, our loved ones or us. Together it is our responsibility to have frank conversations about mental illness, integrate those that have been alienated due to stigma, help those who need treatment, seek it and break free from the shroud of secrecy surrounding mental health. Let's celebrate and learn from the experiences of these brave individuals who have selflessly chosen to share, to help create a better tomorrow for all of us.