Emotional Hygiene

Trijog Know your mind in association with The Square organized "Aha Parents!"- A two hours workshop for parents, care givers and facilitators. It was an evening of mindfulness on "Tuning into a healthy Parent-Child Relationship". It was held on the 8th of April from 5:00pm-7:00pm. The featured speakers for the evening were Anureet Sethi- Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years of experience, and Christena Joyce Jayabalan- Counselling Psychologist from Trijog.

The workshop unfolded the 4key steps to build a healthy Parent-Child relationship which are as follows;

1) Perspective- Viewing your child as an individual.

2) Vital Vitamin Talk- The most important factor that improves a healthy relationship is right talk with the child, which meant talk to listen, talk to understand and talk to empathize.

3) Science behind communication- What happens in a man's brain during a communication? Why communication that is meant to make a relationship healthier tend to turn out to be otherwise.

4) Key strategies- a)Calm Technique b)Mirror Technique c) Repair Technique.

This workshop also tapped into some amazing tips on healthy parenting, which was followed by an open discussion for all the parents; parents were welcomed to ask questions and it was answered by our speakers. We closed with a time of getting to know each other.