A ray of hope is a campaign that serves as a tribute to the strength of every women, who is suffering with or has lost her life to Post Partum Depression. Sneha aims to spread awareness & recognise the existence, impact and effect of PPD. Our mission is to educate society on seeking timely help.Every life is precious. There is power in awareness and greater strength in getting help. Sneha aims to provide our readers with a solution and go to platform that helps women combat PPD.

Trijog celebrates the stories of seven brave individuals and their tryst with mental illness, in the hopes that their journey will educate, inspire and help people understand what living with a mental illness feels like. Together, mental illness can be fought, conquered and overcome.

Mental Health conditions need to be actively vocalized, but Stigma, Labels and Taboo shame us all. #StandingUpTo this STIGMA is what drives Trijog's bold yet sensitive campaign that will run throughout March, getting to the forefront some of India's most known faces. We bring to you a cross section of more than 20 heroes from various fields across the world of media, education, entertainment, fashion and the corporate sector. These renowned voices have spoken for mental wellness to join our cause, and we are grateful for all of their powerful contribution and support.