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Talking with Trijog helps you identify and deal with every emotional, behavioural or academic concern correctly, effectively & efficiently.

Team Trijog has trained psychologists who carry out required assessment to provide diagnosis to the individual's symptoms.

  • Intellectual assessment
  • Academic achievement assessment
  • Specific LD assessment
  • Psychomotor or visual motor assessment
  • Personality assessment
  • Emotional or behavioural assessment
  • Assessment for ADHD and Autism
  • Adult clinical assessments Counselling
  • Vocational Guidance
  • Career Assessments

Intervention is then planned based on the assessment outcomes, keeping in mind the severity of the issue and needs of the individual. Our team is trained in multidisciplinary approaches including.


  • Individual counselling
  • Parental counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Relationship counselling
  • Social skills building
  • Group Therapy
  • Career Counselling

Behavioral Intervention:

  • Rational emotive behaviour therapy
  • Behaviour modification
  • Applied behaviour analysis
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Play therapy

Remediation :

  • Remediation For Academic Related Concerns
  • Psychomotor Skill Building