Today, was a day where forces making a difference to the life of the youth joint hands to spread awareness about how vital mental health is in our lives.

Trijog- Know Your Mind’s Founder- Ms Arushi Sethi was present as the Speaker at ‘Disha-A Festival’ organized by the SIES Education Group to create an understanding, interest and clear awareness in the students of what is mental health and its utmost importance amongst the youth.

An Introduction

Addressing an enthusiastic crowd of about 70 students eager to learn more about a subject which mattered so much yet addressed with great hesitation even today, Arushi kickstarted the talk with a question to them, “What does mental health mean to you?”

In these interactive sessions the students participated zealously and displayed a keen interest to understand what mental health is about. She received an amazing response where they described mental health as stability, peace of mind, etc.

Understanding Mental Health Practically

First up was a therapeutic exercise where the students were asked to close their eyes and feel where negative emotions like loneliness, hurt, anger and fear originated in their body and where did positive energies like love, happiness come from.
The key questions were- Where exactly do such feelings come from?

She then went on to explain how if we have a body, we do have physical health. If we are suffering from a toothache, we won’t go to a general physician right? Our destination is obviously the dentist.
Similarly we have a mind which is where our positive and negative emotions stem from. And, if we have a mind, we have mental health too. Our sense of mental well-being resides in our mind.
And there popped up a vital question: If we can go to a physician for a fever, why can’t we go to a psychologist if we feel disturbed or stressed out?

What is Stress?

We keep hearing this question, but seldom do we try to understand as to what it actually is.
Arushi took up an example with a character named Dev elaborating upon the biological changes his mind goes through when plagues by stress and anxiety and how anyone of us could be feeling this way.
To help the students get a hang of it, they were asked what are the sources of stress in their lives be it exams, deadlines and so on.
She went on to explain what happens through stress. We go through confusions, depression, mood swings, restlessness and so much more. And who do we go to when we feel any kind of mental stress? The students’ responses went from music and sleep to talking to friends, mentors and parents.

You Deserve The Best

Based on their answers, Arushi classified them into 3 categories: The ones who reached out to their parents and mentors, those who spoke to their friends and those who relied upon themselves to sort their problems out.
She explained that while reaching to people whom we love and who love us is an essential first step- Are they qualified enough to help us? Won’t their own perspectives come into the picture?
And if we rely upon our methods like pursuing a hobby or just accumulating these thoughts within, aren’t we putting too much pressure upon ourselves? Aren’t we going to feel helpless, spaced out and afraid?
So why? Why do we hurt ourselves thus? Don’t we deserve the best?
So why not? Why not go to professionals who can help us get through these difficult phases?
What are our reasons for not going? Stigma? Shame?
Well, only we can change our way of thinking and bring about a change. Thus Arushi laid emphasis on- Mental Health Over Every Damn Thing!

How Professional Therapy Truly Helps

Arushi raised the question as to why does therapy come into the picture only when one feels stressed? Why can’t it be a part of our lifestyle?
A therapy is all about safety, privacy and unconditional understanding. A therapist is not going to judge for they don’t know a thing about us. It is scientific and the information remains confidential for it stays between the therapist and their client.
Above all, it is comforting, someone really listens to our issues and it is uplifting for the mind and soul. Therapy is all about love and hope.

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