Art Based Therapy @WCR Pvt Ltd.

16th October was a day when the employees at White Crow Research Pvt Ltd. experienced their first unique and rejuvenating Art Based Therapy with Trijog's therapists- Kakul and Vijayta. The brief yet interesting session started off with Kakul addressing the crowd and making them aware as to what is mental health all about. Vijayta then took it up from there and rid every one of their tiredness, by making them follow instructions like- jump, sit, walk and stop, etc and then asked them to give each other grateful and positive smiles which refreshed up their moods.

After getting crowd on their toes, she went on to explain what art-based therapy is and how it is an absolutely non-judgemental space with no hierarchies at all. She assured them that they needn't worry at all about what their seniors or colleagues would think, for in this session it was about finding comfort in being who you are. She asked them to choose their comfortable spots around the room and relax. With soft music providing a soothing ambience, they relaxed, letting of all thoughts and understanding the rhythm of their breathing. Post that calming exercise, Vijayta asked them to think of themselves like birds.

The bird could be big or small, beautiful or black, it did not matter. What truly mattered was that the bird weathered a lot of storms, struggled and flew through and then came to a pond and realized how beautiful the world still was, beyond all the daily struggles that it went through. It learnt to fight, grow and appreciate.

She then elaborated upon what mandalas were and how they had to just be drawn in a circle, the rest was always left to the creative discretion of the artist. She asked her audience to put down their thoughts in mandalas and then write their reflections behind the paper as to what they felt as birds flying across the sky. She then ended the healing session by providing guidelines on how to deal with stress in their day-to-day lives, like not supressing thoughts but analysing them and coming up with at least 2-3 solutions to problems, making them realize that the answers to troubles are never far away, they are right there within them.

Overall, it was an extremely refreshing and stress-busting experience for the office-goers.

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