Trijog - Know Your Mind


Trijog - Know Your Mind

Trijog - A Journey To Light

‘Trijog’ when understood literally means- finding happiness in that light, i.e. the light within. Interesting right?

With a tagline that says ‘Know Your Mind’, Trijog is a unique and progressive mental health organization which was born out of a purpose of enabling healthy minds and creating a stigma free society.

Founded by renowned psychologist Anureet Sethi and her daughter Arushi Sethi, Trijog brands itself as a ‘Spa for the Mind’ and as a ‘venting platform for minds’ for the organization truly believes- “The approach towards mental health should be one, where caring for minds is as normal as caring for bodies.”

And true to all that it stands for, Trijog has personally transformed over 10,600 lives and has impacted a huge half a million people with its social work and campaigns, since it was founded in 2015!

How you ask? We’ll talk about the services in detail ahead. First, let’s understand the inspiring tale that led to the evolution of this organization.



Let’s go back to April 25th 2015- Nepal. Remember anything? The country has been destroyed by the massive 7.9 earthquake and that is where Arushi Sethi was for her vacation. Physically unhurt, yet mentally traumatized, she endured the consequent aftershocks as well and was finally airlifted back to India.

Back home however, she suffered from severe trauma with erratic mood swings, nightmares and the comforting words of friends and family doing little to help her. She realized only a professional counsellor could bring her out of this emotional darkness to light. And who better than her mother- Anureet Sethi herself? With the help of cognitive therapeutic techniques, she helped Arushi acknowledge her pain, recoup her self-esteem, mindfully avert traumatic memories and focus on the present moment. And it worked!

Having regained her mental strength and come out emotionally stronger, Arushi had an epiphany. If it was counselling that had healed her where friendly advice fell short, shouldn’t counselling and therapy be less stigmatized, much more affordable and approachable for the people in our country?

Thus, was born the seed of a warm, nurturing and comforting mental health-care platform in the minds of Anureet and Arushi Sethi.

Today, that seed has beautifully grown into ‘Trijog- Know your Mind’, a full-fledged and excellently staffed mental health enterprise serving children, adolescents, schools, adults and corporations.


Trijog Celebrates Your Mental Health

Trijog the Centre- This is the vibrant space where counselling, evaluation and therapy for adults, adolescents and children from the age of 2 to 90 years, with every kind of behavioral and emotional concerns is provided. One on one transformation sessions are done here, thus verily making it a launch pad for the individual’s journey towards greater mental health.


Trijog With Corporates- Trijog impacts the corporate sector by providing corporate counselling sessions. It conducts employee engagement workshops for stress relief & resolving emotional challenges through, expression using art, meditation, movement and music amongst other methods and management trainings which provides a unique experience invoking our deeper sense of self.

Trijog with Schools- Trijog impacts students and schools by school setting up the psychology & counselling departments and conducting emotional development workshops to strengthen the mental health of students.


Trijog’s Unique Approach- Its Strength

From a 2-person team in 2015 to a passionate team of 20 individuals today, Trijog has established itself as a leader in India’s mental health space with clients from all over the country.

With an eclectic and dynamic approach to therapy- Trijog provides an integrated mix of different schools of therapies. Be it the ABT (Art-based therapy) or REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) or CBT (Cognitive Behavior), there’s a solution for every individual’s mental and emotional needs for Trijog believes that since our problems are so diverse, how can one school of therapy even solve it?

Trijog doesn’t focus on changing the external environment, but strengthening the individual’s belief in themselves, promoting self-control, building emotional strength, life management and the idea that it is we who create our own lives, not others.  The aim is to take clients away from their past and future fears and anxiety, by instilling the art of living in the present, making them realize their true potential.


Revolutionary Mental Health Campaigns

Each year, Trijog launches unconventional and ground-breaking campaigns that encourage people to stand up and talk about mental health and break the stigma surround it. The campaigns like #TheConversation, #Sneha and more aim to connect to society in a way that mental wellness can be promoted and there’s a prevention-based approach rather than a cure-based one.

And here’s some great news! October being the World Mental Health Month, Trijog powers ‘The Artidote Tour’ where Arushi will touring 6 cities in India with The Artidote’s Founder- Jova Ferryra to bring about a positive conversation around mental health.  

So that’s India’s leading mental health platform joining hands with a popular online global mental health community!

For more on the event check out this link:


And stay tuned to the digital campaign!


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