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Life belongs to the Energetic

7 Tips that will help you be more energetic and soar throughout the day like an eagle.

All of us have days when we feel exhausted, when our eyes refrain from opening and we feel exhausted all day, women are particularly vulnerable to an extreme feeling of being drained than men, usually we all bounce back after a few days of rest, but when tiredness seems to last longer than an Ashutosh Gowariker's movie (very very long), it’s time to take a really good look at ourselves and change our lifestyle.

Here are 7 ways how I felt more energetic, happy and confident

1. Lights are not just for Diwali

Light is the nature’s way of saying wake up! It's almost time. So unlike a vampire, leave the curtains open and let the lights in, or flip the light switch on to simulate artificial lighting. Uncle sun loves you.

2. Ditch the snooze

The snooze button is your enemy, let go of it and hop off the bed when you first wake up, that way you will feel more energetic and less groggy for the day.

3. Do you even lift bruh!

Exercise early in the morning, it is one of the most effective way to feel more energetic throughout the day, Red Bull may give you wings, but exercise will help you cruise throughout the day.

4. Night sounds like no-eat for a reason

Alcohol is not the only thing that gives hangover and a bloated feeling next morning, it’s food too. If you eat heavy food at night you will wake with fatigue next morning due to a food hangover. If you absolutely have to eat something, eat a light snack, or else you would wake up feeling like a zombie.

5. Talk to an energetic friend (preferably Ranvir Singh)

We all have that one friend who’s energy chart is off the roofs always, interacting with such people will lift up your mood, it is known as emotional contagion- where a person mimics other persons emotion. Talk to such people, and try catching some of their energy.

6. Be a “NO-MAN” sometimes

Learn to say “no” and eliminate excess in your life. Throw away what you don’t need. When you have fewer items in your life, there is more space for things you want.

7. Take some “ME” time

Every day spend at least one hour doing what you really like to, learn a new hobby, or polish the one you already have. This way your mind would be challenged as well as entertained. It’s a win-win for your mind.

All this results in a more energetic and fresh you. It will increase your productivity and focus.

These are the methods which we use to be more energetic, what do you do?


Don’t forget to tell us and mention it in the comments.

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