Trijog - Know Your Mind


Trijog - Know Your Mind


3rd October 2018 was quite an amazing day at Trijog, with the Creator of The Artidote- Jova Ferryra coming in to the office and the World Mental Health Month campaign starting off with a bang! The schedule for the day was an Art Based Therapy session facilitated by two of our in-house therapists. Both Jova and the Trijog Team curious and eager to experience the session, were visibly excited.

At 12:15 pm the therapy began with soft music playing the background and the lights overhead dimmed, to provide a soothing ambience which in itself was healing apart from making us even more enthusiastic to get started. We were then asked to form a big closed circle and then settle down into our own spaces where we felt comfortable. A 5-minute calming and mindful meditation session followed.

After that, the actual therapy began when the facilitators got us to pick up scarves from an assortment and explained that we need to feel and move like ocean waves splashing on the shores. And the energy was boisterous! Everyone of us moved spontaneously, in a carefree manner, free of all fears of judgements.

As we kept up, the therapists asked us to slow down and feel as if we were now going towards the core of the ocean. Automatically, our movements softened, becoming more centred as we advanced inwards, different waves merging into the depths of the ocean. This part of the therapy concluded.

The therapists had us get back to our spaces and went on to elaborate upon how we had to put our experience as the ocean waves onto paper in two forms: A mandala and in words. The mandala they said needn’t be artistic, they could be symbolic as well but in essence they should reflect what we truly felt as a wave in the ocean.

With colours and pencils in hand, we began the process of putting our innermost experiences on paper and the results were beautiful to say the least. Each mandala was unique and different. The therapists asked us to share what we had written and everyone had vivid emotions to share. One said that she felt centred and much more secure as she moved towards the centre of the ocean while felt that the oneness was confining, she was more comfortable as the energetic joyful wave dashing the shores with fervour, while yet another member felt how the silence at the core only reflected the silence within us. It ended with us moving around in a circle as waves, for one last time.


All in all, it was an extremely different and healing experience for each one present in the room and every soul feeling a little more at peace and much more connected to their inner selves than before.

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