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Trijog - Know Your Mind

Vitality of Seeking Professional Mental Health-Care

Despite of being aware that our mind's health is as important as the body's, what stops us from ensuring that mental health remains a priority? Ever wondered what stops an individual from seeking professional mental healthcare if he suffers from mental health issues?

Have you heard of statements like, "I don't know what people will think of me, if I go for therapy." "What if someone calls me crazy?"

Precisely. The stigma around mental health, the hesitation to open up about one's mental health concerns, about what's troubling one for the fear of judgements, all of this come together and act as one of the reasons why a person avoids visiting a mental health professional.

Another roadblock is lack of awareness about whether one should visit a psychologist, psychiatrist or counsellor and dark clouds meandering around the knowledge of mental health conditions.


Taking the First Steps

Firstly try and understand you don't want to visit a therapist or seek mental health help. Some have an unreasonable and strong resistance to the very idea while some may be influenced by what people teach or tell them. Ask yourself why and what you are afraid of. Once you figure that out, you can take the next step forward.

Talk your fears out with a friend or a family member whom you trust, who will genuinely listen and care. Find someone who is aware of what mental health entails and talk to them, it can change your perception as well and relieve you do a huge burden! Get a friend or family to accompany you to a psychologist for that can be extremely comforting. Let them be there for you. Let yourself feel better.


Why should you go for professional mental healthcare?

There are numerous assumptions surround therapists. But hey! They are amazing people you will love. They are here to make everyone feel a bit more better and happier, help you cope with your anxieties and deal with your concerns positively.

A mental health professional can help you come up with plans that solve your problems, make you feel much stronger in the face of obstacles, change and address behaviors that might be holding you back, look at newer patterns of thinking that change your outlook for the better and address existing patterns of thinking, heal pains from your past, figure out your goals and the path to them and build your self-confidence- all of it step by step.

And evidence does prove that most people who seek professional help get better. For instance, more than 80% of the people treated for depression improve.


Towards Light


There you go! Explore and get professional help that can take you miles towards greater mental and emotional wellness. We are always here for you, waiting to heal with understanding and love. If you still hesitate, you can always read this blog and take your first step towards amazing mental health!


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