Trijog - Know Your Mind


Trijog - Know Your Mind

Acknowledge and Celebrate Yourself!

"I am amazing."

"It is okay, bad things do happen in life. I have made a mistake, I forgive myself for it."

This is acknowledging yourself, Yes. But it goes a lot deeper than just verbal talk to oneself. It needs to happen at the mind and soul levels, only then will its effects be seen in the daily functioning of our lives.

Your self-worth is the value you place on yourself, both on the inside and the outside. It is how you feel about yourself that is going to translate into your dealings with the world outside.

What was the last time you spoke a loving word or two to yourself?

When last did you pause after making a mistake, gave yourself a prep talk and moved on to greener pastures?

Is it easy for you to acknowledge your value?

Is it easy for you to feel your value and appreciate it, smile at it?

Or are you waiting for someone else to come by and encourage you and convince you of your value? If that is so, get over that. You will never be able to acknowledge or appreciate yourself then.

A spiritual master once said, "You lift yourself up by yourself. Nobody else is going to do it for you."

You are unique, celebrate yourself! Acknowledgment of self is also about understanding the bad situations of life, looking at them with a perspective of learning something out of them. It is being concerned for your mental and emotional well-being, putting them high up on your priority list. For without these two, life can go haywire easily.

Sit down with yourself for a while each day. Even 10-15 minutes will do for the beginning. Write down how your day went, where did you go wrong and where you performed beautifully. Forgive yourself for the mistakes, acknowledge them and ensure you won't repeat it the next time. Acknowledge your flaws, you are human and humans are bound to be broken.

For instance, If you are under-confident acknowledge that. Every morning tell yourself, "I am going to be super-confident today. I will deal with it all amazingly." Don't just speak it, feel those words and go into the day. It definitely won't be easy in the beginning, but it will manifest itself over time. That is the power of the human mind.

Celebrate what you did right with yourself or with a friend. Do what you love.


At the end of the day, no matter who or what, you are going to be there for yourself. You are the only one who knows yourself the best. Don't be harsh on yourself, for you are doing your best. The most beautiful things never come easily! Just like that, acknowledgement doesn't happen easily. It takes time. But it is a much-needed step to live joyously and to heal. For it is only when you are at peace with yourself, that you can make peace with life itself.

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