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If you are facing any concerns like Unhealthy Relationships , Low Moods, Stress and Anxiety, Depression, Crisis Management (Covid-19) ?

Trijog is India’s trusted organization for mental health care and holistic wellness. If you have a constant battle with anxiety, fear, low mood, boredom, depression, sadness, insecurity, restlessness we have a solution for you.

In light of supporting India during these testing times of COVID-19 Pandemic, Trijog is providing discounted Online Counselling solutions for members facing any concerns with their Mental Health.

Note: All information shared with our therapists is 100% confidential.

Relief Counselling


A 20 minutes per person session (plus 5 minutes of buffer)


Telephonic Session

Areas Covered

Help any individual who is going through range of overwhelming due to the effects of current Pandemic, Lockdown, and Social Isolation or other concerns like work-life balance/ relationship/ emotional dysregulation issues that can be covered in 20 minutes.

Why Should I Avail It?

The trained psychologist will help you with digestible tips and techniques that you can use when you are feeling overwhelmed to get relief instantly in the moment. It deals specifically with the present focused specific psychological and/or emotional concern/s that you may have. It does not dig deeper in the past, nor does it apply multidimensional approach to therapy.

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Standard Counselling


A 50 minutes per person session.


Trijog App-based Counselling session (via call, video or chat).

Areas Covered

Each session is tailored to your goals using strong evidence base of research, psychological therapy models that consider your experiences in relation to your environment, family, friends, community, gender, age & culture and helps you to manage & cope with all kinds of emotional/ psychological concerns.

Why Should I Avail It?

The trained psychologist will help you to dig deeper in your past to understand what patterns have you formed in terns of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in the various domains of your life like family, work, relationships, self, society, etc that has led to your present personality. Identification of patterns will help you decode the root cause of your present concerns & equip you with necessary skills and strategies to effectively cope as well as achieve your goals by bringing about mindset & personality shift. It follows a multidimensional approach to therapy.

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