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Trijog is India’s trusted organization for mental health care and holistic wellness. If you have a constant battle with anxiety, fear, low mood, boredom, depression, sadness, insecurity, restlessness we have a solution for you.

In light of supporting India during these testing times of COVID-19 Pandemic, Trijog is providing discounted Online Counselling solutions for members facing any concerns with their Mental Health.

Note: All information shared with our therapists is 100% confidential.

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Adult Therapy Support

Relationship & Marital Support

The key to a healthy connection between two individuals is being able to communicate well. Sharing and listening to them needs a patient ear and moreover, a mind that wishes to understand what they are trying to convey.

Emotional Distress
(Anxiety, Depression)

We offer specialized counselling for mental disorders and emotional distress. They are dealt with expertise and research to create personalized treatment plans by our leading psychologists.

Behaviour & Self- Growth

More times than not, we find ourselves being unable to perform to our full potential. We want to learn more & become the perfect version of ourselves. You don’t need a disability or disorder to come here, just knowing that you don’t feel like yourself is enough.

Stress Management

In today’s world, stress can have a hold on our social, emotional and cognitive well- being and can even lead to outcomes like anger, frustration and burnout. Make us a part of your journey to cope with stressors and live a healthy, balanced life, ready to take on new challenges with joy.

Substance Abuse

A pattern of dependency on psychoactive substances like alcohol or drugs can have adverse effects on your life and relationships, putting it all on hold. While it can be hard to take the first step and get help, it is often necessary to protect the health, safety and quality of your life.

Anger Management

While anger is a normal human emotion, it can often get destructive if it is beyond our control and lead to problems in all areas of our life. Anger management is not meant to suppress the anger, but to recognise it, understand it, and express it in a healthy manner.

Our Team

Aditi Vaze

Senior Psychologist (Clinical Population)| Adult Wing

Psychologist MA (Clincial) (10+ years of experience)


Nitika Jaiswal

Project Manager |Adult Wing Senior Psychologist (Clinical)| Adult Wing

Rehabilitation & Clinical Psychologist, CBT & Play Therapy Practitioner (10+ years of Experience)

Esha Pahuja Verma

Senior Psychologist (Clinical Population)| Adult Wing

REBT Practitioner & Adult Therapy Expert (10+ years of Experience)

Sanket Karkhanis

Senior Psychologist |Adult Wing

Counselling Psychologist (10+ years of Experience)

Kakul Faruqi

Senior Psychologist (Clinical Population)| Adult Wing

Gold Medallist Psychologist (Clinical) REBT Practitioner |Albert Ellis Institute, New York & CBT Practitioner (14+ years of Experience)

Dr. Hansika Kapoor

Senior Psychologist (Clinical)| Adult Wing

Fulbright – Nehru Postdoctoral Fellow PhD Psychology| IIT Bombay (14+ years of Experience)

Dr. Nayana Mendhi

Senior Psychologist| Adult Wing

PhD Industrial Psychology| TISS Counselling Psychologist
(7 years of Experience)

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