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Trijog knows parents have to juggle work-from-home schedules with domestic life and parenting their young ones, especially in these testing times.

It could get exhausting, difficult & overwhelming. Can we lend a helping hand?You can choose from a range of our individualized programs that are custom fit for you and your child.

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Child Therapy Support


Neurodevelopmental concerns affect children’s behavior, attention, level of activity, memory, speech, and cognitive function.

Learning & Academic

Learning and academic concerns affect children’s ability to learn, remember, and their reading, writing, comprehension,and math skills.

Behavioural & Emotional

Behavioral and emotional concerns affect children’s ability to regulate their emotions and behavior, be noncompliant with authority figures, low frustration tolerance disruptive, or anxious.

Social & Interpersonal

Social and interpersonal concerns affect children’s ability to have healthy interactions, make friends, deal with bullying and poor self-worth.

We Also Provide Child Assessments

Triog provides Psychological, Psycho-educational and Projective tests that will help us understand your child’s concerns.

These tests are conducted through conversationspaper-pencil activities or puzzles. All tests used are standardized assessments conducted by trained professionals. All certifications and reports are signed with RCI registered number.

IQ Assessments

  1. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-IV)
  2. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (Mahendrika Bhatt)
  3. Binet Kamat Test Of Intelligence (BKT)

Psycho-educational Assessments

  1. Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement
  2. Wide Range Achievement Test
  3. Curriculum Based Assessment
  4. Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test

Screening Tests

  1. Conner’s 3 Rating Scale
  2. Adhd Checklist (DSM V)
  3. Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS)
  4. Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS)

Projective Assessments

  1. Children’s Apperception Test
  2. Sentence Completion Test
  3. Projective Assessment – House Tree Person/Draw a person

Our team

Anureet Sethi

Founder & Chairperson

Clinical & Rehabilitation Psychologist (35 years)

Madhura Patwardhan

Senior Manager
Learning & Ed. Wing

Art Based Therapy Practitioner

Isha Haria

Senior Manager
Child Wing

Behavior Therapy Expert

Renuka Gune

Senior Manager Assesment Wing

ABT, REBT & GACT Practitioner

Revati Raja

Sr.Psychologist & Ast. Manager Child Wing,

Behaviour Analyst

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