Counselling Wing Setup

Educating the Mind without Educating the Heart is No Education at all.

Is Your Institution Holistically Healthy & an Inclusive Set-Up?

If you’re looking to create or support an inclusive wing set-up, you’ve come to the right place !

Trijog #1 Mental Health Organisation in Mumbai

Emotional Wellbeing Consultation

Trijog #1 Mental Health Organisation in Mumbai

In-house Counselors

Emotional Wellbeing Consultation

Our Offerings

⚈ Mediating communication between the principal & the counseling department

⚈ Training the counselors with updated knowledge/strategies in the field

⚈ Introducing and implementing new and better ways of functioning

⚈ Training the teachers and other staff towards inclusion

⚈ Progress monitoring and ensuring quality work and smooth functioning


⚈ Uniformity in planning and execution leading to increased work efficiency
⚈ Reduction in the gaps in communication between school authorities and the department
⚈ Digital data management system & easy progress monitoring

In-house Counselors

our offerings

⚈ Identification of students with severe concerns
⚈ Conducting informal observation and assessment

⚈ Planning & Providing individualised plans , remediations, interventions & reports

⚈ Conducting individual, group and/or classroom counselling sessions

⚈ Meetings & follow-ups with parents and teachers


⚈ Well-qualified professionals specifically trained to work in a school-set up
⚈ Equipped to cater to challenges presented by the students with different abilities
⚈ Enabling the school to implement inclusion policy

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