Employee Wellness Solutions

Our Employee Wellness solutions include The Mind Detox  engagement that unlocks blocked emotional energy, resulting in stress and anxiety release. This experience is enabled by engaging participants in mediums of art such as 

Visual Art
Guided Imagery

Our program incorporates a unique blend of ABT (Art Based Therapy) that caters to various organisational goals.

Awareness Reflection Release Rejuvenation

Why This Detox

Self exploration & Liberation

A hands-on journey for self-exploration & liberation

Custom Choose Your Detox

Pick from our range of therapies that suit your organisational needs

No Tox for Detox

You don’t have to be distressed to de-stress

Age No Bar
Our therapy works on all ages & designations

Choose Your Mind Detox Therepy

Self exploration & liberation
Boost Your Endorphins
Stress & Anxiety Release
Happiness & Motivation

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