• Mind Detox with Arushi Sethi- At IIT Bombay's Abhyuday

    On 12th January, 2019, greeting a crowd of enthusiastic students at IIT Bombay's Abhyuday Fest, each of them eager to learn more about mental health, Arushi Sethi began with the heart-warming words, "Before all my titles, I am a part of this beautiful creation, a human being. And I belong to you. Each and every one of you."
    With this session, her goal was to go beyond the titles, the faces and names and look within. To create a safe space and haven for all to share their own life experiences. To understand the mind, its feelings and thoughts.
    She spoke of her journey, her own tryst with mental health and the inspiring birth of Trijog.
    She then went on to explain why the mind is important and what is the mind, for isn't the most mysterious and interesting phenomenon? It can go everywhere yet be nowhere, all at the same time!
    With the students completely engaged, she went on to do an activity wherein the students drew what they felt their minds looked like. Some of them shared their reflections where one had drawn a flowerpot and shared as to how her mind felt like one.
    Arushi then spoke of the triangle of thoughts-feelings-actions which end up defining the experiences of our lives.
    With the key message of the session being to understand and accept our thoughts and emotions, she ended the session with a small yet transforming activity titled "The Journey Inwards."
    Everyone was asked to close their eyes and move to soothing music playing in the background. Then they were asked to pose with their eyes closed, with the hidden message that the pose they chose expresses the current state of their minds.
    This session for everyone, was truly a beautiful insight into their own selves, an unwinding time for their minds.

  • Unwind Your Mind- Run For Mental Health!

    On 6th January 2019, Team Trijog was up and about way before sunrise, all raring to for a cause closest to their hearts- Mental Health!

    The day of the Powai Run had finally dawned and we were ready after a successful week-long campaign for the D-day, our energies on an all-time high for #RunForMentalHealth.

    As the 8 runners who would run for Mental Health all the way through Hiranandani, Powai were all pumped up and set to go at the starting line, Team Trijog armed with bright sunboards that instilled enthusiasm in the runners, began cheering with exuberant energy for healthy minds and souls!

    Our chant, "Let's run for Mental Health Run run run Let all your feelings sweat Run run run Mind and body must connect Run run run Let's run for mental health Run run run!" was a huge hit amongst all the runners, bringing smiles on their faces and motivating them to run with all their strength, for the sheer vibrance and energy with which it was chanted.

    As our runners triumphantly ran past the finish line, it was a moment of great joy!

    Next up was the dance for mental health. Choreographed and performed by Team Trijog, the dance was a happy one true to the theme of creating mental health awareness and lifting up everyone's spirits! With kids and the crowd dancing and singing along, it went off all too well.

    The flash mob for mental health was a befitting finale to this beautiful event which was a true celebration of not just mental health, but holistic wellness for all!

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