In Centre Counseling

Our centre provides you with the right psychologist with a confidential space to release every kind of stress & concern. 

Counseling For All

Our counseling services cater to different needs & concerns for every age on the spectrum. Help us identify what’s your concern & we will aid you in finding the psychologist for you.


The older we are the greater are our responsibilities & lesser is the support we get. With every year our stressors keep rising & we yearn for better help.

At Trijog we aid every adult to take those positive steps towards a stronger you.

Trijog Child Counseling in Mumbai


Being an Adolescent could get complicated. It’s that time in your life when you feel the need to be independent & also feel burdened with expectations. 
At Trijog we aid every adolescent to truly find themselves & take the right direction towards a holistic future.


Children are a gift to the planet and every child is unique and special.

At Trijog we take parents and children on a journey to explore those unique aspects and develop those that may need special nurturing.

Adult Counselling

What is it?

Adult Counselling focuses on helping an adult to overcome concerns which are usually based on the life stage, environment they are in presently, and the choices one has made. 

It’s a process of building self-awareness about one’s present scenario and how its impacting different domains of one’s life and then eventually moving towards embracing the present and building a better future.

Problems we commonly face

1. Low self-esteem
2. Anger & Temper issues
3. Stress & Depression
4. Loneliness & Unhappiness
5. Unfulfilling Relationships

How does the therapy help

Counselling helps us not only to deal with our problems but also understand them and ourselves in a holistic fashion. We need to be able to find effective solutions & work towards finding our own paths.

1. Observe and study our thoughts, emotions and actions.

2. Offers empathic and unbiased guidance and listening.

3. Re-vitalize mutual connect and help view a relationship in an objective light.

Assessment & Dignostics

1. Personality Tests (MMPI, MMPI-A, MCMI, Rorschach Test, SCT, TAT)
2. Depression & Anxiety Tests (BDI, BAI, GAD7, STAI)
3. Psychometric Assessment (ADHD, AUDIT, Y-BOCS)

Adolescent Counselling

What is it?

Adolescent Counselling focuses on working through concerns peculiar to the delicate stage
between the ages of 10-19, where the individual transitions from a child to an adult.
These years are characterised by changes at all levels – physical, mental and emotional.

Problems we commonly face

1. Confusion
2. Coping with sudden responsibilities
3. Peer pressure and
4. Fitting in mood swings
5. Temptation of intoxicants

How does the therapy help

Adolescent Counselling and Therapy takes into consideration the challenges and vulnerability a teenager faces and helps address it by using a unique mix of therapy:

1. Helps youngsters make sense of their thoughts and feelings.
2. Allows them to feel safe and strengthens self-esteem
3. Help them understand themselves better

Assessment & Diagnostics

1. Academic Achievement tests (GLAD, WJ III, WRAT IV,)
3. Autism (CARS 2, GARS)
4. Emotional & Behavioural tests (CAT, DAP, HTP, VSMS)
5. ADHD (Conner 3)

Child Counselling

What is it?

Children may not always know how to articulate their emotions and parents or those close to the child may not understand what he/she is going through. For instance, a dysfunctional or stressful home environment may impact the mental health of a child. 

Problems we commonly face

1. Tantrums
2. Lying
3. Being disrespectful
4. Low attention span
5. Whining

How does the therapy help

1. Offers deeper insights into the child's social and emotional development and mental health
2. Break down the problems into manageable parts and helps the child work through their emotions and thoughts
3. A Child Psychologist helps the child make sense of what is going in their minds, bodies and lives in a manner that the child can understand.

Assessment & Diagnostics

1. Academic Achievement tests (GLAD, WJ III, WRAT IV,)
3. Autism (CARS 2, GARS)
4. Emotional & Behavioural tests (CAT, DAP, HTP, VSMS)
5. ADHD (Conner 3)

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