Rational emotive cognitive behaviour therapy

One of our promising Learning & Developmental Programs is RECBT its an active-directive philosophically and empirically based psychotherapy. The aim of which is to resolve emotional and behavioural problems and disturbances to help people lead happier and more fulfilling lives

Helps you to know
Where you are in life

Gives you tools to
Live life effectively

Helps you to make
Effective choices

RECBT focuses on uncovering irrational beliefs which may lead to unhealthy negative emotions and replace them with more productive rational alternatives

Why This Detox

Helps you to take responsibility for how you feel react and behave in response to situations and events, Reshaping core beliefs with giving you the right direction to walk in, Clarity of thoughts and feelings allowing you to take positive steps forward

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Decoding your Stressors

Understanding and Setting Goals

Clarity of Thoughts & Feelings

Understanding how our mind works

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attendees report feeling instantly light & increase in levels of energy and rejuvenation.
0 %
attendees report feeling instantly light & increase in levels of energy and rejuvenation.

Employee Wellbeing Workshops

Big Success! Many Thanks for running this engaging session at HUL. We really appreciate your effort in facilitating this session on self discovery & reconnection with the inner self through Art Based Therapy. Every employee who attended this session enjoyed it thoroughly  
Sunita Wazir
Employee Wellbeing Lead South East Asia HUL
These sessions are one of a kind & bring to our members a different kind of calm & rejuvenation. Trijog must be accredited for bringing to us wellness in such a unique way.

Jihaan Advani 
Events & Membership Head | Soho House

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