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Talking about mental health & finding the right therapist is a really important step. However, it can be difficult for many individuals to get this right. 

In situations like above, Trijog – Know Your Mind will help you get connected with the best licenced psychologists in India and pave the way for a healthy mind.

Whether you’re looking for Online or Face-to-face therapy for Adults, Children or Corporates we have a solution for you. 

Anureet Sethi

Anureet Sethi,

MPhil (35+ Years Exp) Founder, Trijog. RCI Registered Psychologist

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Growth is just around the way—and we can help get you there. Trijog is mental healthcare when you need it. It’s the easiest way to connect with a licensed therapist—wherever, whenever. To grow. To heal. To move forward.

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Adult Counselling

Is your mental health or emotional health affecting your daily life and function? Gain comfort, calm and peace of mind with Trijog. We can help provide a safe place to talk through life challenges and help you rebuild your emotional resilience.

Child Counselling

Being a parent is hard, it's even harder in today's time. As parents if are you worried about your child having emotional, learning, or intellectual challenges, or any other concerns, Trijog can help. You can consult a RCI licensed psychologist now.

Corporate Wellness

Noticing higher incidents of job burnout, productivity loss, absenteeism, job abandonment in your organization? Our EAP program can help influence a healthy work life balance & build emotional resilience in employees.

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