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In our most fragile moments, we need our healthcare system to be at its most accessible and welcoming. Individuals shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to find the right therapist who can help. 

Acknowledging this requirement, Trijog established a Psychological and Mental Health Setup, designed to provide psychosocial counseling and therapy both virtually & face-to-face.  A school project that was turned into this setup in the year 2014 is now one of the top 3 organizations for mental health in the country. 


Arushi Sethi

Arushi Sethi

Co-Founder, Trijog

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Our mission foremost, is to help find your centre.
What is centre, you wonder?
A state of overall health, happiness and wellness of mind and we can help you achieve all that and more, we want for you to create it & if not, find support today.


People at Trijog are passionate to build a quality driven establishment that every individual trusts. We want to be providing a counselling experience which makes every individual feel at peace, cared for & empowered.
"From your first interaction to your last we shall make you happier than your past"


Caring and healing is at the heart of our work. We ensure that everyone feels supported and heard. It's best try to nurture and invest in our community, to be able to best support our client in care. To us being #strongertogether means cultivating a culture of leaning on.

our history

A Journey of First's!

Our company has spent many years to get here today
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A collective dream gestated over a time span of over 40 years of servicing humanity took its form as a company in the year 2014.
Anureet Sethi India's highly accredited and renowned Clinical Psychologist who has contributed over three decades of her practice (35+years) in shaping the Indian landscape of mental health and clinical psychology.

In the year 2015 when Arushi was in her final year of B.M.M at Jai Hind College, she had to come up with an ad design for her dummy company as her final year project, while her classmates were busy designing ads for their dummy bouquet, hotels, bakery, etc.
Arushi decided to create ad designs for a Mental Wellness firm (to build on her mother's private practice) as her dummy company and named it Trijog – Know Your Mind.

Tri - the light
Jog -
to your satisfaction

We opened our first center in Powai, Mumbai - Catering to specifically child therapy & assessments.

As client trust grew, Trijog grew. It felt like the vision was outgrowing the box. This felt like the right time and Arushi and team decided to go go the multi-vertical way.  It led to the inception of the, the four wings that now support Trijog's values and visions.  

1. Adult Wing 

2. Teen & Adolescent Wing 

3. Corporate Wellness Wing 

4. Marital & Relationship Counselling Wing

We built a hybrid model service model that catered to clients in center with a option of an online mode of consultation. Trijog went pan India through its B2C networks. We had successfully launched national awareness.campaigns with the likes of Tanmay Bhatt, Miss Malini.

We were also servicing 12+ schools & initiated our services into the corporate world & had a team strength of 20 individuals by now.

Yay! we got funded 

Sahej Sethi  joined the firm as the Director to lead the marketing, growth & operations. We launched our own tech-interface, customer care department along with growing our list of services in each space.
Arushi Sethi was nominated as the youth president of the World Mental Health Federation.

Trijog was constantly regarded as 1 of the top 5 organizations for therapy in the country. We now had a team of 30 individuals working for us.

Amidst the chaotic time of the covid – 19 pandemic, we switched our business to 100% online model and in a matter of just four weeks, we were virtual servicing the nation during these stressful times. 

We provided discounted solutions for individuals & increased our team size to 40+ individuals. We started servicing a total of 30 corporates (EAP & Wellness Webinars). By the end of the year we had completed a total of 125,000 hours of therapy as a company.

Officially launched the World Mental Health Day 2020 with the federation and our affiliates YFMH.

Trijog was regarded as the top 3 organizations for therapy by multiple publications & had a 4.9🌟 Google rating. We cater to 72+ organizations likes of bmw, paytm insider, oml, wework, qyuki & more...

We are officially a growing team of 60 individuals aiming to provide the best therapy experience in the country. 

Faces Behind The Healing

Meet Our Team

Arushi Sethi

CEO, Co-Founder - Trijog, Board Member World Federation For Mental Health Mental Health Activist

Sahej Sethi

Director | Marketing & Growth Head S.P Jain School of Management (PG) Google Certified Digital Marketer

Anureet Sethi

Co-Founder & Chairperson - Trijog Know Your Mind | Clinical Therapist 35+ Years Exp | Certified RCI.