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In our most fragile moments, we need our healthcare system to be at its most accessible and welcoming. Individuals shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to find the right therapist who can help. 

Acknowledging this requirement, Trijog established a Psychological and Mental Health Setup, designed to provide psychosocial counseling and therapy both virtually & face-to-face.  A school project that was turned into this setup in the year 2014 is now one of the top 3 organizations for mental health in the country. 


Arushi Sethi

Arushi Sethi

Co-Founder, Trijog

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Our mission foremost, is to help find your centre.
What is centre, you wonder?
A state of overall health, happiness and wellness of mind and we can help you achieve all that and more, we want for you to create it & if not, find support today.


People at Trijog are passionate to build a quality driven establishment that every individual trusts. We want to be providing a counselling experience which makes every individual feel at peace, cared for & empowered.
"From your first interaction to your last we shall make you happier than your past"


Caring and healing is at the heart of our work. We ensure that everyone feels supported and heard. It's best try to nurture and invest in our community, to be able to best support our client in care. To us being #strongertogether means cultivating a culture of leaning on.

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