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Psychological Services

Our psychologists use practise based therapeutic approaches that help overcome any difficulties or delays that your child or adolescent are facing.

Neurodevelopment Therapy

At Trijog we believe every child deserves the opportunity to be academically successfully regardless of learning style or academic challenges.  Our trained therapists will help tackle disorders like ADHD, autism, spectrum & more

Learning & Academic

At Trijog we believe every child deserves the opportunity to be academically successfully regardless of learning style or academic challenges. Our trained therapists will help tackle disorders like dyslexia, dysgraphia & more

Behaviour & Emotional

Parenting is hard. Sometimes you need help in dealing with a child’s difficult behavior. This is where a behavior therapist can offer support. Our trained therapist will help tackle disorders like trauma, tantrums & more

Social & Interpersonal

Help your teen thrive. It’s important to have a support system to maintain good mental health as they move through hormonal changes. Our trained therapist will help tackle, anxiety, interpersonal relationships & more

Occupational Therapy

We help your child perform any kind of everyday task at school, work, or in your home. You’ll learn how to use tools (you may hear them called assistive devices) if you need them.

Adolescent & Teenage Issues

Adolescence is a very unique developmental period in our lives. Hormones are raging, and the “what do I do after high school” can be a looming. Our trained therapists will help tackle issues like teen angst, anxiety, bullying & more

We Have

Child Assessment

Our goal is to provide customers with the best service, for us to help customers
overcome their barriers is a noble task

IQ Assessments

1. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-IV)
2. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children
3. Binet Kamat Test Of Intelligence (BKT)

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1. Woodcock-Johnson III
2. Wide Range Achievement Test
3. Curriculum Based Assessment
4. Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test

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Screening Tests

1. Conner’s 3 Rating Scale
2. Adhd Checklist (DSM V)
3. Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS)
4. Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS)

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Meet Our Psychologists

Our diverse team of 52+ therapists are trained at some of the best therapies from across the globe—and they truly care about helping you work towards your goals.


Why Should You Choose Trijog?

We are building a world where everyone has access to exceptional mental health care.

Popular Question

We have answers to common questions parents ask

If children experience delays due to developmental, behavioral, academic or social concerns professional therapy may be the recommended approach to help your child. A child is never too late or early to be seen at the Trijog-Know your mind. Our child counselling wing caters to all age groups from 2-18 years of age.

At Trijog Know Your Mind, India’s trusted organisation for mental health care and holistic wellness, a child therapist is specially trained to handle emotional changes and the difficulties that might arise across developmental stages. Child therapists are trained in better understanding and teaching children to comprehend their emotions and to appropriately and healthily convey them. Through teaching and active listening, counselors help children overcome obstacles in mental health.

The first step is fully understanding the needs of your child. Many times the start of therapy can be in a crisis, which can feel overwhelming for parents. Try not to panic. Awareness that a problem exists is helpful and means that help is on the way.

At Trijog-Know Your Mind, each therapist is highly trained and our interns are closely supervised by licensed staff with advanced training and credentials. All therapists are licensed or working toward licensure and have degrees in mental health counseling or clinical social work. Most importantly, Trijog is India’s trusted organisation for mental health care and holistic wellness, and  our therapists have experience and training in a variety of evidence-based treatment menthods.


Not every child is people-friendly and if your child is one, he/she might get nervous about the prospect of meeting a psychologist. However, you can try encouraging your child to be friends with them, and share their thoughts/feelings with them freely even if you aren’t there. In case, your child is a teen, you can try convincing them to try out 1-2 sessions and if they feel it’s working for them, to continue and if not, feel free to step out. You can also state how sharing the problem with the therapist can lessen their mental stress alongside helping them deal with life situations such as school pressure, bullying, self image and more.

Play therapy is to children what talk therapy is to adults. children, even those who are talkative, express themselves more easily and completely through their play. Children often have difficulty understanding and expressing emotions. Child-centered play therapy gives children a safe, nonjudgmental place to express their thoughts and feelings. In the playroom, toys, games and activities are used like words. Children are able to develop problem solving skills, assume responsibility, practice self-control, rehearse experiences, engage in self-discovery, develop communication and social skills and build relationships. Play Therapy allows children the opportunity to work through, heal, and move past the difficulties in their young lives. At Trjog-Know your mind, India’s trusted organisation for mental health care and holistic wellness,  we have the best and most experienced licensed play therapists.  

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