Teenage & Adolscent Counselling

“It’s hard to know what’s normal when it comes to mental health & teenagers.”

It’s not easy being a teenager. You’re expected to start acting like an adult even though you might not be treated like one. Adolescence is a very unique developmental period in our lives. Hormones are raging, friends mean so much more (it seems) than family, and the “what do I do after high school” can be a looming. It’s no wonder so many teens feel anxious. Between the demands of school, family, and friends, it can be difficult to express your true self in these different settings. Knowing who you are is an ongoing process throughout life.

Adolescence is also a time of big physical and emotional changes which can lead to all kinds of challenges.  Furthermore, these changes and this search for who you can lead to conflict between parents and teenagers. While everyone goes through this challenging period of life, we all experience it in a different way and it’s harder for some than others.  Many teenagers find that it’s important to have a support system to maintain good mental health as they move through all these changes.

Why should I go to Therapy?

For many teenagers, eTherapy makes a lot of sense.  First of all, who has time for therapy when teenage life is so busy? With eTherapy, help can come right to your phone or computer on your own time. After a long day at school, doing homework, and going to practice, you can talk to your therapist from the comfort of your own room. Furthermore, many online therapists have nighttime and weekend appointments available to fit into a teen’s (and family’s) busy lifestyle!

Additionally, teenagers are used to forming relationships online.  In fact, much of their communication happens over technology.  Therefore, your teen is most likely already comfortable communicating through the computer, tablet, or phone screen.  Online counseling meets teenagers exactly where they are already.

Here are just a few reasons teenagers may benefit from counseling:

Our Therapy Process

The counsellors of Trijog have specialized training and years of experience in helping people cope with their emotions & experience. By working with one of our specialized therapists, you will be with someone who truly has a grasp and understanding of the world you are living in right now.
We use only evidence based strategies that have been proven by research to help you restore your mental peace, happiness

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