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Choose from our extensive range of online adult counseling solutions & therapy services that cater to your current concerns & stressors.

Relationship & Maritial

We provide a safe space for you to reconnect, develop healthy communication understand what each of you are trying to convey.

Emotional Distress

We offer specialized counselling for mental and emotional distress, with personalized treatment plans by our leading psychologists.

Behaviour & Self Growth

You don’t need a disability or disorder to come here, just knowing that you don’t feel like yourself is enough and performing to your full potential is enough.

Stress Management

Make us a part of your journey to cope with stressors and live a healthy, balanced life, ready to take on new challenges with joy.

Substance Abuse

While it can be hard, dependency on psychoactive, to take the first step and get help, it is often necessary to protect the health, safety and quality of your life.

Anger Management

Anger management is not meant to suppress the anger, but to recognize it, understand it, and express it in a healthy manner.

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This is a screening test that will allow you to know if you're facing any symptoms of stress & anxiety.


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Our diverse team of 52+ therapists are trained at some of the best therapies from across the globe—and they truly care about helping you work towards your goals.


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We are building a world where everyone has access to exceptional mental health care.

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We have answers to common questions people ask

First, remember that seeking therapy is very common. You can expect to speak with a compassionate, knowledgeable therapist who will both listen and provide guidance. Therapy is also about more than sharing your concerns. You will learn coping strategies to use outside the session, as well as how to set reasonable and attainable goes to work toward, in partnership with your provider, from session to session.

Confidentiality is a respected part of Trijog’s code of ethics. We take your privacy very seriously. Laws are also in place to protect your privacy. We follow the Standard operating procedure, keeping in mind the RCI Mandate.

Yes, you always choose your Therapist and can see the same one each time, if desired. We actually encourage you to build an ongoing treatment relationship with one provider. Our customer care team can also help you match with a therapist which caters to your specific concerns.  Trijog provides a broad network of licensed providers. Our directory is easy to navigate and gives additional information about each Therapist that helps you feel confident in your choice.


Often more than one type of therapy may be beneficial for a client, so do not worry about trying to pick the perfect therapy for you. We will discuss your options with you at your first appointment and suggest a treatment plan tailored to your needs and wishes. That said, if you have a specific therapy that you would like to try, then please do mention this when you make your initial booking so we can book you in with a practitioner offering that service

Once you’ve decided to meet a Trijog-Know Your Mind counselor, you can book an appointment by clicking here. Follow the step by step instructions in the online booking form to book an appointment. Or you can directly call our customer care executive at: +91 098339 83406+91 098339 8

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