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Trijog is a progressive platform for mental health care and holistic well-being.

Initiated in the year 2014  trijog has managed to successfully touch 5 million minds & transform the way mental health is perceived in India.Our success is down to the dedication & progressive thinking that our team of counsellors & board members bring day in & day out.

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Management Team

Anureet Sethi


Arushi Sethi

Co-Founder | CEO

Sahej Sethi

Director | Head Business Practice & Marketing


Laxmi Sivaraman
Meher Anand
Esha Pahuja Verma
Isha Haria
Madhura Patwardhan
Trupti Patil
Revati Raja
Renuka Gune
Rutuja Kaushik
Nilofer Zafar
Nitika Jaiswal
Kakul Faruqi
Hansika Kapoor
Reema D’souza
Supriya Mahadik
Saachi Chandhok
Dr.Mansi Mulye
Sanket Karkhanis
Minakshi Parab
Sonam Sathe
Muskan Jaain
Nida Siddiqui
Nidhi Shetty

Content & Marketing Executive
Marketing Executive
Child Wing Head
Supervisor Behaviour Wing & New B.D
Supervisor Learning Wing & School Wing
Assessment Wing Manager
Senior Psychologist Child Wing
Junior Psychologist Child Wing
Junior Psychologist Child Wing
Junior Psychologist Child Wing
Adult Wing Head
Senior Psychologist Adult Wing
Senior Psychologist Adult Wing
Senior Program and Practice Manager
Consultant Psychologist
Remedial Educator
Occupational Therapist
Career Counselor
Educational Assistant & Intern
Executive Assistant
Human Resources Executive

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