Employee Assistance Program Case Study

OML is a clutter-breaking, market-leading media and entertainment organization working across various media and experiential formats to impact pop culture. The organization has been a pioneer in creating on-ground and online experiences that have resulted in lasting memories that shape how fans know their favorite artists and brands.


Trijog & OML started a partnership to build emotional well-being and strength at OML. All of us push through stress, fatigue, and fear as a coping mechanism. “We end up succeeding in spite of our emotions when it’s far better to thrive because of those emotions”, was the main objective behind introducing the corporate wellness program at OML. We want our team members to be the best version of themselves and therapy is an effective tool in driving this transformation.


We wanted to make therapy easily available to our team members at the click of a button and Trijog helped us do that. Trijog assured us the highest privacy controls to ensure that all information is protected and will not be shared with anyone including OML which is also backed by their domain expertise, dedicated customer support, and meaningful report sharing metrics which has helped us uplift our team members’ emotional well-being. Trijog has helped us at every step of the way from encouraging our employees to take up the sessions to sending regular reminders for webinars and sessions.


After employing the corporate wellness program with Trijog, we have found that 77% of our team members that availed therapy have found it to be effective and beneficial for their growth. As per the feedback taken, we found that taking therapy helped our team members understand the path that would be beneficial for them for their personal and professional growth. Therapy made them realize that their feelings were valid, they felt understood, and most importantly they felt comfortable enough to open up and be themselves. They adopted real-time strategies that have helped them deal and cope more effectively with managing their concerns around areas such as burnout and exhaustion, self-discovery, self-criticism, past traumatic events, poor self-image, need for validation, sleep issues, lack of autonomy/control, loss of interest and pleasure, pandemic related stressors, handling uncertainties, etc.

Customer Reviews After Treatment

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Sr. Manager (Lead)- People Team

"Trijog has been a constant pillar to us throughout the entire pandemic and we are immensely grateful for our association with Trijog."