Employee Assistance Program Case Study

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We at Paytm Insider are enablers of fun. We’re big believers in the transformational power of shared experiences, and the ability of creative arts and technology to drive change in ourselves and our communities. As an organization, we have always given prime importance to mental well-being and have tried to foster a safe platform to discuss mental health issues.


The main objective was to normalize conversations. We have a mental well-being day off and other initiatives for our employees at Paytm to normalize having a conversation with your colleagues. With Trijog, we were able to give our employees a platform where they could reach out in order to take care of their mental well-being because taking the first step is the most difficult and yet the most important. With Trijog, we were able to get the ball rolling!


Trijog was our final choice as it came with a holistic package that took care of our employee’s mental well-being. As an HR, we can connect an employee with a therapist but by aligning with Trijog, our employees are supported with a dedicated customer care team which ensures a smooth transition to therapy and regular feedback to understand the effectiveness of therapy. Trijog kept us covered as they understand that not everyone requires counseling so mental health check-ins, reminders, webinars were also conducted for them.


With Trijog, we are able to consistently stay relevant to the current needs of our employees through the quarterly report. Out of the employees who took counseling, 83% of them felt positive post-therapy. Through therapy, employees were able to deal with their personal issues such as fear of authority, family conflicts, body image issues, loss of loved ones, uncertainty of the future, family responsibilities, lack of autonomy, past trauma related to abuse, etc. Employees felt more equipped to deal with work-related issues such as lack of support/ validation in the work environment, inability to concentrate, work from home challenges, low motivation to work, etc. After employing this program to make our employees aware that we are invested in their emotional well-being, more people started reaching out to take care of their emotional health. It resonates with our culture and values because we are an organization where it is okay to not be okay and we make them understand through the interactive webinars that taking care of your mental health is as normal as taking care of your physical health. Due to an increase in anxiety because of the pandemic, all of our employees felt reassurance that we were all in this together.

Customer Reviews After Treatment

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Head of HR

'Mental and emotional health is something we all face and yet is so unique to each person. The best thing about working with the Trijog team has been the ability to normalise and personalise the topics. It's been a collaborative ongoing effort. Kudos to Team Trijog for the quality and real-time actionable work they execute!'