Employee Assistance Program Case Study

At Qyuki, we believe the future is dot video.

Imagine a world with no advertisements and only cool content. We exist to make this a reality and a business model. Our vision is to become the largest online broadcast network for youth in India by empowering creators and conducting business with a soul. This vision came from a Bafta award-winning filmmaker of international repute, a Grammy, Academy, and Golden Globe Award-winning music maestro and a mover-and-shaker in the digital and start-up world.


Qyuki is a data-driven modern media company that discovers & invests in India’s most influential KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to help them rapidly grow their audience, create content and launch scalable D2C brands. Qyuki aims to be an open and safe organization for all employees through fostering a culture that promotes inclusivity and is aligned with mental wellness’.


‘We work in a very fast-paced and challenging digital landscape, and our association with Trijog has helped us support our employees in their pursuit of mental wellness.’
With the pandemic and ensuing lockdown came inevitable stress points across industries. Everything from Job security to isolation and mental burnout was on the minds of everyone. Our main focus was to ensure Qyuki remains a safe space that cares for both the mental and physical well-being of our employees. It is for this reason that we introduced a mental well-being program at Qyuki. Commitment from the team, understanding of the subject matter, empathy, and expertise in the domain is what really made us partner with Trijog.


Our association with Trijog has been very well received by our employees, with a lot of positive feedback on the individual sessions. A majority of our employees have taken more than one individual session, which just shows how important the program was. Trijog has always been one step forward when it comes to our expectations from their program roll-outs at Qyuki. From employee satisfaction to tailor-made exercises for each employee, Trijog has done a great job and we look forward to a long partnership with them.

Customer Reviews After Treatment

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General Manager, Social for Good

“Our combined vision is to remove the barriers of getting help by putting help right in hands of the ones who need it without struggling to look for support in times of crisis”