Employee Assistance Program Case Study

Springworks is a Bangalore and Santa Monica-based HR technology startup that is building tools and products to simplify recruiting and help organizations engage and retain their employees. Springworks prides itself on being an organization focused on employee well-being and workplace culture leading to the 100+ employee strength company


A corporate wellness program is often considered as a ‘show’ or ‘just another perk.’ But, In Springworks, we genuinely believe in the power of Empathy and recognize its importance in our core company value- “Empathy starts at home.” We wanted a wellness program that truly resonates with what Springworks believes in. Due to the onset of the pandemic and our 100% remote working model, we wanted an employee assistance program to help our employees in any way we could. It’s not an investment; it’s what we do for our family!


To be honest, we performed thorough market research and came across a number of corporate wellness vendors, just like any other process. It was Trijog’s passion and desire to make a big difference in the employee well-being arena that attracted us. A very well thought through process, they are prompt with their communication and actively get themselves involved in how they can help us better in each step of the way. Trijog is prompt, holistic, and resonates with our Empathy value and that’s what made the difference!


Providing holistic mental health care was the goal of the program.
 With their webinars, Trijog helped increase awareness on issues such as anxiety, procrastination, productivity, and burnout. These are issues that employees often face but go unaddressed and with Trijog’s webinars, we are able to effectively address them. We loved the webinars which cover topics that are relevant and often go unaddressed. Trijog has been very proactive in curating topics as per Springworks requirements. Organizing webinars has been hassle-free as these webinars are bi-directional and are led by experts who turn it more into an active discussion than just a mundane presentation. The dedicated customer care team and the expertise of the counselors who are well accredited and readily available make this more effective. Trijog genuinely cares about the empowerment and emotional safety of Springworks employees.

Customer Reviews After Treatment

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HR Executive

In India, counseling and mental health are often stigmatized, but Trijog has done a fantastic job ensuring Springworks's employees feel comfortable, safe, and empowered. The team at Trijog is listening to us, and it's wonderful to have their support along the way!