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Quarterly Corporate Report Template

Anureet Sethi

Co-Founder & Chairperson - Trijog Know Your Mind | Clinical Therapist 35+ Years Exp | Certified RCI.

Ms. Palka Kapoor

Name: Palka Kapoor Designation: Clinical Psychologist and Special Educator Education: M.A Psychology Experience 12+years Type: CBT,REBT,Eclectic Expertise:.
Ms. Bhavna

Dr. Bhavana Yadav

Designation: Senior Psyhologist Education: PH D Clinical Psychology | MPhil Clinical Psychology | Experience: 20+ Years Therapy.

Ms. Harpreet Arora

Designation: Junior Psychologist Education: Diploma in Integrative Counselling Therapy: Robert Carkhuff’s Model | REBT | Transactional Analysis.

Ms. Niyati Kapadia

Name: Niyati Kapadia Designation: Senior Psychologist Education: M.A. in Clinical Psychology, P.G.Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Advanced Certificate.
Mini N

Mini Nair

Designation: Senior Psychologist Education: M.A. in Applied Psychology (Clinical) Experience:20+ years Type: REBT , Eclectic Psychotherapy Expertise:.
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Kakul Faruqi

Education: Gold Medalist in Applied Psychology | Experience: 15+ Years | Types: REBT | CBT | Psychotherapy.
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Esha Pahuja Verma

Esha Pahuja Verma Designation: HOD- Adult & Corporate division Education: MA in Psychology (Clinical) Experience: 11+ years.
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Ms. Harshika Ramasubramanian

Harshika Ramasubramanian Designation: Senior Psychologist Education: MSc in Psychology (Counselling Specialization) Experience: 7+ Years Types: REBT |.
Dhara 1

Dhara Shah

Ms. Dhara Shah Designation: Senior Psychologist Education: MA, Counselling Psychology | Art Based Therapy from WCCL Experience:.

Madhura Patwardhan

Education: M.A. in Applied Psychology | Experience: 7+ Years | Types: Art Therapy | Neuro-developmental disorders |.

Renuka Gune

Education: M.A. Clinical Psychology | Assessment Wing Head - Trijog | Experience: 4+ Years | Types: Art.

Deepika Gandhi

Education: M.A in Clinical Psychology | Experience: 7+ Years | Types: Psychotherapy | Psychometric Testing | Psychotherapy.
Amrita BG

Amrita Achrekar

Education: M.A in Applied Psychology (Clinical) | Experience: 16+ Years | Types: REBT | Psychodynamics | NLP.

Chandhini A.K

Education: MPhil in Clinical Psychology | Experience: 2+ Years | Types: Psychological assessment | Psychotherapy | CBT.
Shilp bg

Shilpa Shah Venkatesh

Education: Master’s degree in Psychology | Experience: 15+ Years | Types: Psychological counseling | Regression Therapy |.

Sanket Karkhanis

Education: Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology | Experience: 12+ Years Types: Psychologist | Psychotherapist | REBT |.
Reema Dsouza

Reema Dsouza

Experience: 7+ Years | Type: Positive & Health Psychology | Expertise: Work-life balance | Stress | Anxiety.
Nitika J

Nitika Jaiswal

Education: RCI Licensed Clinical & Rehabilitation | Experience: 12+ Years | Types: Clinical and Forensic Psychology |.
Neha sing

Neha Singh

Neha Singh Designation: Senior Psychologist Education: MA in Psychology (Clinical & Organizational Specialization) | 13+ Years Types:.
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Dr. Nayana Mendhi

Designation: Senior Psychologist Education: PhD Industrial Psychology | TISS Counselling Psychologist | Experience: 35+ Years | Types:.
Mavis H

Mavis Henriques

Education: Master’s in Clinical Psychology | Experience: 8+ years | Types: Psychological testing | CBT Expertise: Corporate.

Lavanya Iyer

Education: Masters degree in Clinical Psychology | Experience: 5+ Years | Types: CBT | REBT | Psychometric.

Mihika Shah

Education: M.A in Applied Psychology (Clinical) | Experience:2+ | Type: Art Therapy | CBT Practitioner | Medical.
Hansika K

Dr. Hansika Kapoor

Education: Fulbright – PhD Psychology| IIT Bombay | Experience: 14+ Years | Types: REBT | CBT Expertise:.
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Aditi Vaze

Education: M.A in applied psychology (Clinical) | Experience: 10+ Years | Types: CBT | Life skill development.
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