Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate India is moving towards wellness, not just of the body, but also the mind.
Are you?

Emotional difficulties lead corporates to burn 17% of their revenue every year. Mental health directly interferes with or impairs various functions at work. 

Depression & Anxiety

20% of employees suffer from depression that leads to anger, focus issues, irritability and chronic exhaustion.

Stress & Anger

50% of corporate India shows signs of stress, crumbled work-life balance that results in underperformance.


48% of Indian employees feel fatigue at the end of every given day that eventually weakens the immune system if not addressed.

Substance Abuse

24% of employees reported that they underwent substance abuse only to escape from unexplained stress.

What Is Employee Assistance Program ?

The Employee Assistance Program provides a wide range of resources relating to Corporate Wellness that help individuals deal with different concerns relating to work or in their personal lives.

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