Relationship & Marital Counselling

“The best candidates for marriage counseling are committed partners who love each other, and who are motivated to have the best relationship possible.”

Like anything else worth having, fantastic relationships don’t just happen. We must create them, intentionally. No one teaches us how to “do” relationships. We learn. When two individuals bring their own ideas, opinions, hopes, dreams, and personal histories into a marriage, it leads to inevitable conflict. 

However, these inherent differences don’t need to pull a couple apart. It’s the clashing of the minds and opposing views and cultures within the relationship. 

When to come in for Relationship & Marital Counselling?

Couples counselling isn’t just helpful when things are falling apart. While you don’t need to have a troubled relationship to seek couple’s therapy, It can be helpful at many other times.

Sometimes it is helpful when you are taking a new step forward such as moving in together, getting married, having children. Or even when you first start dating someone. 

It helps if you want to deepen and become closer to your partner or make an already great relationship even better with a few modest adjustments. When you want to end a relationship a therapist can help, especially when children are involved.

We will not judge or blame, either partner, but work together to find the problem areas in the most constructive ways possible. By working together as a team in this pursuit, we will try to make it an enjoyable and uplifting experience for everyone. Couples counselor will help you:

Our Therapy Process

The counsellors of Trijog have specialized training and years of experience in helping people cope with their emotions & experience. By working with one of our specialized therapists, you will be with someone who truly has a grasp and understanding of the world you are living in right now.
We use only evidence based strategies that have been proven by research to help you restore your mental peace, happiness.

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