Sneha: A Ray Of Hope

Here, said life, Here’s your bundle of joy! I held her, stared into her eyes, And I felt none of the love I felt, when she was inside.”

An Initiative To Recognize Post Partum Depression. Curated by: TRIJOG – Know Your Mind & Insaniyat

This campaign has been inspired by a real life case of a girl called Sneha who fought through Postpartum depression but lost her battle with it, leading her to end her life. Trijog and Insaniyat dedicate this initiative to her struggle and aim to help many other women like her who are out there in the society.

At the brink of motherhood, 2 in 10 women in India are at risk for depression post the birth of their child.

Post Partum depression is a hidden mental health condition.

You are not just a number or a statistic. You are – A mother. A human.
And if you have any form of depression you need to seek help.
Most don’t even know that this distress has a name.

PPD is a disorder that may be caused by several underlying factors – Biological, Psychological, or a number of cumulative stressors experienced during one’s life.

A new mother experiencing PPD usually goes through the stages shown above. If help is not sought for during this period, it adversely affects the bond between the mother and the child, the emotional and mental wellbeing of not only the mother but also people around her.

In extreme cases ignorance towards the same may lead to the loss of a life.

There is power in awareness and strength in getting help.

Look out for warning signs. All cases are individualistic and may not have manifestation of all symptoms. In some cases the symptoms may be quite mild.
This still warrants professional help.

TRIJOG – Know Your Mind , is India’s trusted mental health platform for providing better help and successfully transforming minds and lives.

Talking about the campaign, Arushi Sethi , Founder & Director of Trijog – Know Your Mind says, “Just because something is inside your mind, does not mean it isn’t real! Depression is an invisible illness that has a stigma attached to it and Post Partum Depression is a lesser known condition, where in the victim may not even be aware that this distress has a name.Through Sneha – A Ray of Hope, we hope to reach out to the mothers of tomorrow and families who can help their loved ones recognise the symptoms in the initial stages itself, before it can cause potential harm to the mother or the infant”.

Jyotiba Patil, Co Founder of Insaniyat further adds, “Having PPD doesn’t make you a bad mother, working towards recovery makes you a responsible mother and that is what we want to convey through our campaign. Seeking help for Mental Wellness is important and we strive towards reducing the stigma attached to it”.

Our team of qualified mental health practitioners aims to provide accurate help for every mental health concern, for all individuals, ‘In an atmosphere where caring for minds is as normal as caring for bodies’

Mental Health Matters. People Matter. You Matter.

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