Under 25 presents “The Artidote” India Tour powered by Trijog – Know Your Mind Pvt. Ltd.


The Artidote is a community where to story-tell, empathize, bond & heal through art | Created & curated by Jova Ferreyra. Today it is a global community of support that is saving lives through social media. He has a cumulative number of 3.5M followers on InstagramFacebookTwitter and Snapchat. As this movement continues to grow and evolve, it has also gone beyond the virtual and entered real spaces via Artidote meet-ups & Moments that he hosts in cities across the world.

Under 25 Club is a media and entertainment company that creates experience for the youth and the young.  

To talk openly about mental health our founder Arushi Sethi will be touring around 6 cities in India with The Artidote and Under25

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