The Conversation

 people including Tanmay Bhat, Varun Thakur, Karishma Mehta, Tanay Chheda, Tanvi Ramakrishnan, Sunil Mascarenhass, Sidra Achwa came together to do something they had never done before. Hope it encourages you to do it too.

A Trijog x Schbang initative #IDidIt

This 10/10/17 as our contribution to World Mental Health Day Trijog invited a few people to have the first of its kind on camera live therapy conversation.

Renowned clinical psychologist, Anureet Sethi, conducted the sessions in a comfortable setting and atmosphere. The idea was simple: to have the participants open up about their lives and take us through their smaller mental scratches before they turn into scars. We normalised therapy and presented it for what it actually is – a conversation.

Through this project, we aimed to convey how a significant part of mental health is not just about dealing with larger disorders but about catching the signs early. This can only happen by reaching out to the right people and talking through problems, no matter how big or small.